PS223: Social Identities

(Spring 2020 syllabus)


Social identities are fundamental to how people understand themselves and how they relate to others. Examples of social identities include (but not limited to) gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, affiliations (Colby vs. Bates), and sports teams. In this class, we will examine the psychology behind how social identities shape people’s judgments of themselves and others, how they are signaled or concealed, and what they mean to different people. Students will engage with published research, media (movies, podcasts), invited speakers, and fellow classmates to understand this diverse world. 

PS332 & PS333: Seminar & Collaborative Research in Diversity Science

(Fall 2019 syllabus)

This seminar draws on social psychological theories and methods to examine the science behind our diverse social experiences, particularly when individuals of different social groups (such as gender, race, and nationality) interact with one another. In Fall 2019, we will focus on prejudice and its origins, maintenance, consequences, and interventions. We will examine the perpetuation of prejudice as well as the experience of being the target of prejudice. Students will learn how to critically discuss, defend, and dissect published research, current social events, and their own research data.