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+ undergraduate collaborators

* shared first-authorship

Study materials and data can be found on Jin's OSF or by contacting Jin directly.

--These articles are provided for educational purposes only--


Goh, J. X. & +Trofimchuk, V. (2023). Gendered perceptions of East and South Asian men. Social Cognition, 41, 537-561. [pdf]

+Trofimchuk, V., & Goh, J. X. (2023). Partisanship and divided perceptions of the American and British flags. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations. [pdf]

* Goh, J. X., * Lei, R. F., & * Zou, L. X. (2023). Positioning Asian Americans in social cognition. Social & Personality Psychology Compass, 17, e12760. [pdf]

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Beer, J. S., Eastwick, P. W., & Goh, J. X. (2023). Hits and misses in the first wave of open science: Researchers from different subfields and career stages offer reflections and suggestions. Social Psychological Bulletin, 18, 1-23. [pdf] 

Ledgerwood, A., Hudson, S. T. J., Lewis, N.A., Jr., Maddox, K. B., Pickett, C. L., Remedios, J. D., Cheryan, S., Diekman, A. B., Dutra, N. B., Goh, J. X., Goodwin, S. A., Munakata, Y., Navarro, D. J., Onyeador, I. N., Srivastava, S., & Wilkins, C. L. (2022). The pandemic as a portal: Reimagining psychological science as truly open and inclusive. Perspectives on Psychological Science. [pdf]

* Goh, J. X., * Bandt-Law, B., * Cheek, N. N., Sinclair, S., & Kaiser, C. R. (2022). Narrow prototypes and neglected victims: Understanding perceptions of sexual harassment. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 122, 873-893. [pdf]

[Read the Colby Magazine write-up; Selected media coverage: Seattle Times]

Goh, J. X., & +McCue, J. (2021). Perceived prototypicality of Asian subgroups in the United States and the United Kingdom. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. [pdf]

[Read the Colby Magazine write-up]

Moran, J. B., Kerry, N., Goh, J. X., & Murray, D. R. (2021). Parasites and promiscuity: Acute disease salience leads to more restricted sexual attitudes. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 38, 3333-3349. [pdf]

[Read the write-up in PsyPost]

* Moran, J. B., * Goh, J. X., Kerry, N., & Murray, D. R. (2021). Outbreaks and outgroups: Three tests of the relationship between disease avoidance motives and xenophobia during an emerging pandemic. Evolutionary Psychological Science, 7, 419-429. [pdf]

* Goh, J. X., & * Tignor, S. M. (2020). Interpersonal dominance-warmth dimensions of hostile and benevolent sexism: Insights from the self and friends. Personality and Individual Differences. [pdf]

Goh, J. X., Kort, D. N., +Thurston, A. M., +Benson, L. R., & Kaiser, C. R. (2019). Does concealing a sexual minority identity prevent exposure to prejudice? Social Psychological and Personality Science, 10, 1056-1064. [pdf]

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Goh, J. X., Hall, J. A., & Rosenthal, R. (2016). Mini meta-analysis of your own studies: Some arguments on why and a primer on how. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 10, 535-549. [pdf]

[See OSF page for Excel spreadsheet on doing mini metas]


*Brown, A. J., & *Goh, J. X. (2016). Some evidence for a gender gap in personality and social psychology. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 7, 437-443. [pdf]

[Read the SPSP blogpost by Adam Brown]

Goh, J. X., Schlegel, K., Tignor, S., & Hall, J. A. (2016). Who is interested in personality? The Interest in Personality Scale and its correlates. Personality and Individual Differences, 101, 185-191. [pdf] ​

Hall, J. A., Goh, J. X., Schmid Mast, M., & +Hagedorn, C. (2016). Individual differences in assessing personality from text. Journal of Personality, 84, 433-445. [pdf]

[For a copy of the APT-test, see the Northeastern University Library Repository]

Goh, J. X., & Hall, J. A. (2015). Nonverbal and verbal expressions of men’s sexism in mixed-gender interactions. Sex Roles, 72, 252-261. [pdf]

[Selected media coverage: ​Washington Post; Huffington Post; Mashable; The Telegraph; Women’s Health; The Onion]

Open Science Collaboration. (2015). Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science. Science, 349, 943. [pdf]

Hall, J. A., Verghis, P., Stockton, W., & Goh, J. X. (2014). It takes just 120 seconds: Predicting satisfaction in technical support calls. Psychology & Marketing, 31, 500-508. [pdf]


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Lane, K. A., Goh, J. X., & Driver-Linn, E. (2012). Implicit science stereotypes mediate the relationship between gender and academic participation. Sex Roles, 66, 220-234. [pdf]

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