Welcome to the Prejudice, Behavior, and Judgment (PB&J) Lab at the University of Illinois Chicago!!

Dr. Jin Goh will be reviewing PhD applications in the UIC social-personality psychology area to start in Fall 2025. 

For more information, please read this document.

We are a team of researchers (led by Dr. Jin X. Goh) who are passionate about using psychological science to understand human relations and current social issues. As our lab name suggests, we research Prejudice (attitudes and beliefs regarding gender, race, sexual orientations), Behavior (nonverbal and verbal behaviors), and Judgment (judgment and perception of people and their environments).

Here are some big questions we are trying to answer in the PB&J Lab:​

-What contributes to coalition vs. conflict between different racial groups?

-How do history and culture shape racial-gender categorizations?

-Which factors influence our judgments of political behaviors?

-Who feels like they belong in various domains and spaces?

-Why are certain personality traits valued over others? 

In the PB&J Lab, we value and celebrate diversity and inclusion. We believe diversity and inclusion make our science better. These values are reflected in our research and our team members' identities. All students are welcome to join and participate. We value and respect everyone's gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, religion, language, national origin, veteran status, disability, mental and physical health, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, and any visible or invisible characteristics.​ Many lab members come from diverse backgrounds (Jin included), and we work to ensure that this lab is a safe and inclusive environment where we can discuss difficult questions and conduct rigorous research. 


Science is hard. Human behaviors are complex, intricate, and irrational. Therefore, in the PB&J Lab, we try our hardest to do the best science we can. We use open science practices (such as pre-registration, open data and materials, high-powered design, and mini meta-analysis) whenever possible and/ or reasonable. Science is made easier and more fun when we collaborate, respect, and work with one another.